May 25, 2018

Perfect Movie For The Weekend

C'est La Vie - Perfect French Comedy

Don't' we all have days when nothing seems right. We feel burnt-out at work. Our sense of existence does not make any sense.  We look at others suspecting them of every possible vice; from an unexpected betrayal to complete lack of honesty and compassion for the others. Feeling down and disappointed on that day could take forever or we can decide to take over and change it. What works wonders for me in situations when the self-critic is as loud as Metallica live is a simple decision to do something nice for myself. 

Last night, I decided to completely shut down the subject of work in my restless mind. For entire 2,5h, I treated myself with a great visual delight of a movie, C'est la Vie! When I sat down in the theater, my only expectation was to relax and rewind. The film took me by surprise only a few minutes later.  It is no secret that I am an addict of the French cinema, but here I found so many ingredients of a perfect remedy for a lousy mood. The subject of weddings is very low on my the scale of my favorite cinematic themes. However, in this case, matrimony was just a background for a skillfully crafted comedy of errors. 

Nobody was perfect in the catering team led by Max, a seasoned specialist in wedding party organization. The utterly unlikeable groom set the bar for the special event skyrocket high. What followed was a fascinating sequence of disasters. Does that sound familiar? At first, I thought so too. Nevertheless, the focus here is not the humor that you may remember from the Wedding Crashers. Every character, from a depressed teacher who has to work as a waiter during the weekends, the aging singer with a super-star complex, illegal emigrant workers trying to understand the nuances of the French culture and many others have their essential impact on the storyline. Watch it and be prepared to laugh and cry uncontrollably. If you don't like French sense of humor, do it at least to hear a fantastic soundtrack. I immediately downloaded it on Spotify and can't stop listening to it ever since. Enjoy your weekend!

May 11, 2018

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