April 21, 2017

AUrate - Jewelry brand with a cause

Named by many "Warby Parker of fine jewelry", AUrate has immediately won a special place in my fashion-obsessed heart. First of all, as I am a big supporter of companies run by Girl-Bosses it was great to find out that AUrate was launched by two women, Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui, Princeton business school grads. Sophie acquired her know-how of fashion industry at Marc Jacobs and Bouchra matched it with the financial expertise gained at Goldman Sachs.  For all of you wondering about the mystery behind the company's name: AU stands for the chemical symbol of gold, rate refers to rate of return, high quality and the whole term is pronounced as orate "storyteller". 

The idea to start a company based on the direct-to-consumer model allowed for the possibility of offering consumers high quality jewelry at affordable prices. As you may know from reading this blog, sustainable and ethical fashion really matters to me. AUrate sources their diamonds from conflict-free zones, all the environmental standards are met and the jewelry is crafted in New York. Do you need more reasons to like AUrate?

The owners of company said in one of the interviews:"If you look at our style, our aesthetic, too, we're not about the perfect doll. We're going after the independent woman. She's real. She's smart about her look, her budget, and her life. That's the woman we're going for." Their jewelry is great for fashion-forward girls, women who need something special for a gala or a red-carpet party and finally for those with busy schedules looking for jewelry pieces that will take them from day to night. 

I am sure all women know how hard it is to buy real jewelry at a right price. It is a problem especially for those of us who are tired of having too many pieces of costume jewelry but nothing really timeless and minimal. Every girl needs classic staples in her wardrobe such as LBD, white shirt, trench coat, etc. We also need jewelry which is sophisticated, stylish and made of high quality materials like gold or diamonds. In this post, I created 3 sets  of AUrate jewelry that I hope will cover the needs of even the most demanding stylish women out there. 

The first set is ideal for women who love revealing a dramatic flare in their everyday outfit. When you work in a creative environment, people judge your style all the time. With this combo of a bald necklace, a ring and a bracelet, you will steal the attention of every show.

Set number two can appeal to all romantic girls out there, as pearls will be forever girls' best friends. My favorite piece of this set is a gold necklace with one pearl proving that less is more. Whether it is a romantic dinner out, special celebration or a moment when you want to show your femininity in just the right way, this is a foolproof choice.

The third set is my personal favorite, as it can get you from a morning coffee to the evening drinks. Ultra modern  cuts, elongated shapes, architectural references; that's what every minimalist girl loves both when it comes to her clothes and the jewelry. It's not too much but it's definitely more than enough. I spent more than 10 years in New York and for me those earrings, that  necklace and the ring refer to the core of what this city represents: its modern appeal, love of street style and everlasting natural elegance. 

Least but not last, AUrate supports higher causes partnering with Mastery Charter. For every piece of jewelry sold, AUrate gives a book to a child in need. Many studies have shown that books boost enthusiasm for learning and encourage school-aged children to dream and to aim high. As one of the co-founders Sophie Kahn once summarized the core of company's activities: "It's real gold, real giving." I cannot think of a better mission statement for a modern brand. 


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