Style Lessons from The Royal Tenenbaums on How to Embrace Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

Wes Anderson's eye for beauty is undeniable. It could be easily said that he could go for many careers in his life from set designer, fashion designer, interior decorator to illustrator. He inspired a number of fashion brands' fall collections this year from Gucci, Etro to Bally. Somehow his sense of color combination, amazing mixture of vintage clothing and contemporary luxury in his movies makes him a perfect modern muse for the creatives in fashion industry.

To refresh my memory of how Wes Anderson's plays with style, I rewatched "The Royal Tenenbaums" and " Darjeeling Limited" and I completely fell in love again. The director's attention to details is legendary. However, particularly the portrait of New York-based family of Tenenbaums is a visual delight for every fashion lover. While I was watching it, I wanted to find an answer to the question why this year we have seen the references to this movie in so many collections. I feel that fashion more and more is about luxury of comfort more than sophistication and glamour. The Tenenbaums are perfect example of melange of high and low fashion styles, the characters know how fashion works and they have so much fun with it, without even knowing. 

Margot Tenenbaum is a perfect example of what modern style stands for. She can mix expensive fur with vintage loafers and classic "it"-bags and also at the same time be super comfortable in preppy Lacosta striped dress. It's never 100% perfect, 100% expensive or 100% glamorous. It is always interesting, very personal,  with the "I don't even care what I am wearing" attitude and looks great.

Richie Tenenbaum is such a modern gent. I know that not many of the men I know would pull off a terry headband with a polo shirt and a camel jacket and not look like taken straight from the 90's tennis court. (However, I can easily imagine it happening the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn). The fact is that men both in Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited have their own, unique sense of style, which is quite enviable.

Is it possible to steal some elements of the Tenenbaums' fashion style and made your fashion choices for fall and winter 2015/2016 more fun? I want to show you how to do it without feeling out of your fashion comfort zone.

Inspiration Board - Wes Anderson
Movies: The Royal Tenenbaums, Hotel Chevalier
Bar Luce, Milan, Italy - Cafe designed by Wes Anderson

How to dress like Tenenbaums this Fall?
Loafers; Fitflop -  Headband; American Apparel - Polo Dress; Lacoste  - Fur Coat; Shrimps
Zebras Pillow; Scalamandre - Slip Dress; Raey - Weekender Bag; S.T. Dupont
Printed Scarf, Faliero Sarti - Camel Handbag; Gucci
First of all, for all of those, who like me, adored Scalamandre's red wallpaper with zebras from The Royal Tenenbaums, but are a little bit too shy to have it on their walls, decorative pillows with the famous motive may be a great choice.

Modern style requires some vintage finds mixed with trendy new pieces and a vintage bag, like the one with bamboo holder from Gucci bought from a gold mine of vintage finds, Vestiaire Collective may start your adventure with history of fashion. Accessories are important for Tenenbaums, bright colored scarf, a headband for the brave, and of course amazing travel bag (The legendary weekender bag from S.T.Dupont speaks for itself.) will make your style stands out without too much drama.

I have been a big fan of color faux coats of the British brand Shrimps (I think Margot would love them) They infused street style fashion influences into a bourgeois  concept of fur, by adding some fun colors and stripes and it worked magic! (They are on sale now!).

Modern girl loves her loafers and if they have a unisex feel and are comfortable, yet stylish, even better! I love Margot's style also because of dresses she has on the screen. Mostly two of them stayed in my memory: very sporty Lacoste polo shirt dress and super minimal slip dress. In particular, when you mix those two with heavy cardigans or fur coats, you are definitely on the right track of figuring out the boho look of autumn 2015.

Oh, movies! They inspired my personal style all the time. How about you? Which movies had impact on your style?

15 Stylish Inspirations to Overcome the End of Summer Blues

In a few days August will be over and that means that summer is coming to an end. I literally do not know how this summer went by so fast. In terms of travels and being exposed to nature, it was not the best one I have ever had. However, in terms of creative brainstorming, projects and writing a lot has been accomplished. 

Summer has this charm of nostalgia for the childhood, for being free, being in nature, being energized by the physical activities and time spent outside. I hope this post will be helpful for all of you, who like me, due to many different circumstances were not able to leave the chaos of the city behind. There are many ways to nurture ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically. The most important things is not to loose lust and curiosity about life and the simple elements of beauty that our everyday existence consists of. 

I spent last two weeks searching for books to read, items you need around you and music  to listen to boost your mood out of the end of summer blues. I hope you will find some of my suggestions will be helpful.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman
This book was recommended to me with the notion that it was an amazing fun read for women in their thirties (of course not only!) who, due to many life circumstances, have no idea where their single life can lead them and instead of spreading the anxiety about not settling down like most of their friends they are allowed to take a deep breath and have some fun. In the interview for LA Times, Kirstin Newman said: "Traveling by myself changed the way I was at work and changed the way I was with my family and changed the way I was with my friends, because I came home from these trips feeling like I knew that I had the ability to take care of myself and connect with people and make choices that kept me safe. This sense of confidence is what I got out of it."

Contrast Bow 70's Blouse; Asos
 My admiration for Yves Saint Laurent's style is well known on this blog. I am so glad 70's are back this fall because white classic shirt with a contrast black bow is something that reminds me of young Catherine Deneuve's style. It's playful but not in a infantile way.
Sunshine Pill; Strong Nutrients
 When the days get shorter, we all need some extra vitamin D and if it comes in such a cute and cheerful packaging who can resist it!
She's Funny That Way by Peter Bogdanovich
The last movie of Peter Bogdanovich is criticized by many as an act of plagiarism of Woody Allen's style but I loved it. Based in New York city, with a British actress with a hard-core Brooklyn accent, simple situations with a lot of humor in them and a gallery of the movie stars (Jennifer Aniston, Imogen Poots and Owen Wilson), perfect movie to make you think it's summer all year long.
Pzizz - App for those who can't sleep
Recently I have read an interview with some musician, in which she mentioned that Pzizz is the best app out there for people with sleep problems. You can set it up for a nap or night mode and relaxing music as well as very soothing voice will lead you to the arms of Morpheus. I can confirm, it really works!
Lionbabe - Jillian Hervey - New Musician to Check Out
 Jillian Hervey, a daughter of Vanessa Williams, has proved this year that she really inherited her mother's vocal talent and took it to her own unique level. Check her out!
Lunch bag; Bloomsbury
 If leaving to work in the morning, especially when it's still dark, makes you sad, you need this lunch bag!
Pencil Holder; Burke Decor
 I am addicted to unique desk accessories and as I work at my desk most of the day, it really matters to me what I see in front of myself. With those pencil holders, you cannot help smiling.
Organic Incense; Myrtle
Incense so modern you can have it on your office desk? Only Japanese craftsmanship can guarantee it. Just sit down, meditate and enjoy!
Perfect Creative Journal; Meera Lee Patel
I am all into creative journal and coloring books for adults lately and I have have just received this journal today. Meera Lee Patel, New Jersey raised artist makes this world a more colorful place with her prints and books. Check out her Instagram and you will leave your worries behind. 
B.Yellowtail; Great Native American Fashion

I discovered Bethany Yellowtail thanks to my dear Canadian friend, Erica. I dearly support Native American artists and this dress makes me think that everything is possible when you can look so feminine and stylish. 
Scents of Land - Candle
Scents keep memories alive and if something smells as great and as natural as candles hand crafted in New York, there is no doubt I need it.
Near &Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel; Heidi Swanson
Cooking by yourself, which I am still trying to convince myself to do more often, can be very relaxing and therapeutic. This collection of recipes from around the world can make you feel like you you are traveling with the writer.
Aleksandra Stanglewicz; Fashion Illustrator
 I found about this Polish fashion illustrator and blogger through one of my favorite website Behance, where you can explore thousands of artists from around the world. I love her color pallet and fun she is having with fashionable portraits.
Lessons from A Dog; Patrick Moberg
This is not a children's book, or to be more precise it is a book for children of all ages, for all dog lovers and everybody who needs to be reminded what is important in life. Who can teach us about the meaning of life better than dogs!

How do you deal with end of summer blues? What is your instant mood booster in times when your motivation is low?

Walking and Shopping in Williamsburg Brooklyn

The weekend is half there and once again I wanted to invite you to explore Brooklyn. Williamsburg. I know that as every neighborhood in New York, its being transformed into a commercial mecca of Brooklyn, with movie theaters, endless number of pharmacies, chain fashion stores, super markets. However, fall of you who love to discover "the new", different and unique, please do not give up as yet. There is plenty to discover there still and hurry up before it will be transformed into another condo.

There is a lot of interesting street art, graffiti, old warehouses and tiny architectural gems (Check out Grand street, from Bedford towards East River). There is endless number of amazing coffee shops, interior stores and of course fashion boutiques.

As we are slowly putting some of our summer dresses away, Williamsburg and Greenpoint are great places to find very unique, Brooklyn-style accessories and clothes. Check out very famous now, jewelry store Catbird for some upgrade on your necklaces, rings and bracelets. Old Hollywood, is a perfect place to find hand-crafted jewelry, vintage items and just feel like you are in an Etsy store in Brooklyn. If you want to find an eclectic mix of contemporary designers' pieces and interesting accessories, Bird is your place to explore. For great urban city chic skirts, dresses, tops, I highly recommend Alter Brooklyn and In God We Trust

Just hop into G or L train and discover the hidden treasures of Brooklyn! Sometimes all you need is a change in your weekend routine! Let me know about the unique places where you like to shop at in Brooklyn or wherever you live!

View of Williamsburg Bridge - Stylecharmer

             Pearl Necklace, CatbirdSweatshirt, Line and LabelRing, Old HollywoodSilk Skirt, In God We Trust
                                                Bucket Bag, BirdBark Dress, Alter Brooklyn

Graffiti, Williamsburg - Brooklyn 

Add some green to city streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Stylecharmer

Adds can be fun in Brooklyn - Stylecharmer