Elegance in the Wilderness

Thursday, February 19, 2015

We are becoming more and more casual in our choice of clothes for formal occasions, e.g. red carpet events (sneakers with tuxedo), job interviews – pattern dress in vivid colors with smart jacket in traditional navy or black. There is nothing surprising then in the fact, that now is the time to reverse that trend and opt for elegance in informal circumstances.

Let's try wearing luxury pieces mixed with comfortable once for the weekend getaways, summer vacation or short visits in the country. There is nothing new under the sun in that way of dressing. If we think about our favorite period pieces like Pride and Prejudice or Downton Abbey, ladies  had amazing clothes made by their seamstresses for such occasions like horse riding, fox hunting or just casual walks in the park. What makes the current trend totally different is that it has to meet the following criteria: comfort, high quality of the material and it has to scream modern! (As it is often inspired by street fashion.)

Suede and lace are very visible in 2015 Summer and Fall collections. The materials have been applied in more avant-garde and day-suitable options, from amazing boots and saddle bags inspired by the Wild West through “Modern Romanticism” depicted in flowery and flowy dresses, to 70's glamour. 

Feel free to share your favorite trends this Spring. I am definitely mesmerized by suede bags and country inspired feminine suede boots.

BDG Suede Belted Bag

Source: (Madame Germany February 2015 via Visual Optimism)

Lost Valley Ankle Boot by Free People

Photo by Mikael Wardhana, Designer: Natalia Grzybowski

Source: Fashion Gone Rouge

Photographer: Daniel Lehenbauer for Pigeons & Peacocks Magazine, 2013

5 Underrated Romantic Comedies for this Valentine's Weekend

Friday, February 13, 2015

It is not easy not to get totally overpowered with the burden of sweetness and cookie-cutter cuteness associated with the Valentine's Day. This year, for many reasons I am opting for Galentine's Day instead (watch Park and Recreations for reference) and part of that day with perfect gals of mine will be spent watching some movies.

For all of you who are looking for witty, tongue-in-cheek rom-coms, that will not nauseate you with their "until death do us part" message or force you to dream about the "Mr. Perfect" every night, I have prepared a list of my 5 favorite funny romantic movies.

5 Underrated Romantic Comedies for Valentine's Day

1. Easy virtue (2008) 
2. Down with love (2003) 
3. Someone like you (2001) 
4. Wedding date (2005) 
5. Prime (2005) 

Three of them are based in New York (Down with Love, Someone Like You and Prime). Not only they show real charm of this city but also offer some fun, very current portrayal of disappointments of modern relationship of course leading to some sort of happy endings, as otherwise they would not be suitable for the occasion.

However, the choice of the boy-friends to be is quite not desirable; from  escort paid to be the date to the sister’s wedding (4), terrible Australian womanizer who only cares about sex (3), charming playboy from the 60’s with no respect for women (2), a boy toy and a son of the personal therapist (5) to forever charming British gentleman from the beginning of the twentieth century (1). Female characters played by such amazing actresses as Jessica Biel, Renne Zellweger, Ashley Judd, Debra Messing and Uma Thurman guarantee most charming execution of comedy of errors and romantic mayhem. 

Enjoy this Valentine's Day weekend watching movies and staying warm as there are truly brutal winter temperatures ahead of us, New Yorkers!

Bag for Your Man and You

Sunday, February 8, 2015

There is this really hilarious episode of  Rules of Engagement, in which one of the characters, Adam receives a super fashionable messenger bag from his girlfriend Jennifer and he is being ridiculed all day long by his guy friends for looking ultra feminine. Few years later, at Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2015 Paris Men's Show, bags seem to be the most prominent accessory of all the collection and who is laughing now?

I have been a huge devotee of "manly bags" for quite a long time and I have always been searching for a perfect weekender bag, which I could carry around not only to my dreamy weekend destination but also just walking around the city. Finally, I found the "It" bag, which is  so modern in its design that any couple can fight about who is going to carry it on daily basis.

Manifatto, Photo by Nathalie Théry.

Draco Bag is vintage enough but still current, with enough room for all your portable electronics, newspapers, etc.  What makes it special though is the fact that it is made to order by Italian craftsmen  from the highest quality of material and available for a price that, taking into account the unique craftsmanship, does not make you faint.

Manifatto is one of the newly emerging companies that are  offering great quality, and design for affordable prices. With the Valentine's Day ahead of us, it is a perfect place to shop for HIM and HER. Check the Carina Pouch or Orion Wallet and you are all set to travel, walk and have fun.
Who would mind being gifted in truly bespoke manner for a special occasion?

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