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Sunday, May 24, 2015

With sunny and warm weekends ahead of us, we feel more motivated to explore and enjoy the unknown. In New York city we are fortunate, as we do not have to travel far to find exotic, fascinating and creative places and Brooklyn is definitely crammed with them. Just take the train, hop on the ferry and enjoy what the fashion, art and design world has to offer across the East River.

Line & Label
Greenpoint is a very hot destination now for finding emerging designers, craftsmen and very cool restaurants (Check my previous post to find out where to eat and drink.). This time I wanted to mention a great fashion boutique Line & Label found in 2013 by Kate O'Riley. With her knowledge of fashion business and love for lace and leather, she curated a wonderful collection of clothes, accessories and natural beauty products. My reason to fell in love with that store was the embellished army jacket. I own quite a collection of those but any time I see the creative variation of that jacket, special embroidery, buttons, etc., I cannot resist it. 

I found out about RAWVBKNY on Instagram, which helps me discover Brooklyn from all its creative and entrepreneurial angles like no other source available in the internet! I am obsessed with computer and phone accessories made of wood. Wooden keyboard, mouse and phone charger add so much character and custom-made feel to otherwise generic looking computer accessories. As those products are made in Brooklyn and offered at such great price, I do not need any more reasons to support them!

Olia Designs
Last but not least, I would like to present one of my very favorite jewelry makers in Brooklyn, Olia Designs. I had a pleasure to meet Olia few years ago as we have mutual friends and I attended the trunk show in her studio in Williamsburg. I remember I bought some earrings back then as a Christmas gift for my friend. Next Christmas I received my most-beloved gift Cherry Blossom Branch necklace, which is one of the most amazing pieces of jewelry I have ever seen. The story of Olia's business is a fascinating one and I admire her courage to quit a well paid job and follow her passion. 

As I am a natural born Brooklyn lover, expect that this Summer I will provide you with numerous reasons to explore this beautiful and unique neighborhood of New York City. 
Let me know what are your favorite places and spaces in Brooklyn! 

How to Turn Your Apartment into a Coastal Retreat?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Recently, I have discovered the Instagram account of Megan Morton, Australia-based stylist and "house whisperer" consulting celebrity clients, magazines and business on how to create unique atmosphere in their interiors. Right away, I have purchased her book Home Love. Megan is a decorator who puts lots of joy into her work. Rather than presenting her readers with lofty and financially impossible  options for their house decor, she gives precise and creative advice on how to create your own version of every room in the house, which is accompanied with beautiful pictures. She is not afraid to mix Ikea furniture with antiques and exquisite fabrics.

As Summer is almost here, I wanted to share her styling tips on  how to decorate your interiors with a  stylish, not banal, nautical theme:
  • Get rid of serious curtains, be playful with the window area; place some plants, wooden objects, etc.  Let the sun in!
  • Avoid glass, instead choose wood, woven materials and fabric.
  • Select the right white paint for your walls. Go for soft white rather than cold bluish white, so your sunny space will not remind you of hospital-like rooms.
  • Your furniture should take advantage of the view, place them facing the windows.

Coastal Interior - Inspiration for Your Apartment

For all of us who love shabby chic of New England's modern interiors but are not going to travel East any time soon, I gathered a collection of beach-inspired decorative items that can bring the charm of coastal cottages to even the tiniest of the spaces. 

The trick about decorating your home in a nautical theme in mind and to not turn it into a bed&breakfast, Laura Ashley's style bedroom is to mix and match modern, simple design with accessories or pieces of furniture characteristic for the houses by the sea or even to add some exotic elements of real island decor like woven, colorful  Moroccan baskets, beautiful pictures of the ocean, candles, etc.  I find "Family Houses by the Sea" as a great source of inspiration. You can be surprised how many really affordable and hand-made nautical objects you can find on websites like Etsy.

Are you going to give your house some Summer makeover this year? Please share your ideas with me. 
Happy Summer!!!

Join the Fashion World and Help Nepal

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Help Nepal Fashion Online Auction
As many of you will have heard, tragedy struck again in Nepal, which suffered a second earthquake registering 7.3 on the Richter scale, following another major earthquake on April 25. As Nepal has always been on the top of my list of places to visit and I almost made it in 2004 but I ended up going to NYC instead, I decided to use my personal writing space as an opportunity to ask for your support. 

This might be an opportunity that fashion world and the social media can combine their efforts to help those with tremendous needs who are really cut off from the huge media buzz, which is part of everyday reality of ours.

Fashion Girls for Humanity have teamed up with Charity Buzz to create an online auction to raise money for relief efforts. For further information on the fundraiser and how you can help, please visit Fashion Girls for Humanity. The auction is supported by the Council of the Fashion Designers of America and some very exciting experience and one of a kind items have been offered. 

Use the power of social media for good cause! Even the smallest gesture can make a great difference!
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