12 Things that Can Make Your Summer More Inspiring

12 Things that Can Make Your Summer More Inspiring

This weekend, it's time to offer some cheerful inspirations. Weather in NYC makes us lazy, puts us in  a nap and siesta mood, so in order to wake up from the hot temperature coma, I would like to share 13 summer inspirations that I hope will pump some creative and stylish energy into You!

1. I discovered Major Manic's art collages thanks to Instagram. I love the sense of humor and wit behind them. "First Impressions" is one of my favorite one. There is something so completely brilliant behind the idea of the Mad Man-like lobby and people with deer heads. Check their Etsy account to find out more.

2. I fell in love with David Ramirez' voice the very first note of "Harder to Lie". There is something about his singing that reminds me about Johnny Cash, that sadness, depth of lyrics and genuine beauty without trying too much. His album, Fables is out in August and he is playing in New York this October, so do not miss that date! 

3. Scoutmob is a website I found recently dedicated entirely to promoting local designers, artisans and craftsmen. Any reader of my blog know very well that one of my missions is to support local creative businesses all around the world and this is one of my favorite finds. Every summer I add some sailor-style inspired sweatshirt and I really like this one. Soft terry-cloth, eco-friendly ink, what more to ask for?

4. I know, I know another basket this Summer. What can I tell, combination of pom poms and straw totes are my addiction (Design Darling)

5. Sandals are on my mind from May until the beginning of October and when I find a pair that has a girly spark, a great heel and is on sale, I cannot resist. (Massimo Dutti)

6. In the summer, we want to carry minimum during the weekend. Pouches that can fit the phone, some money and the keys are so handy and quite special when they are designed by Jonathan Adler.

   12 Summer Inspirations - Slides

7. Time for true confessions, as I am naturally blonde, I have tested many shampoos, which are aimed keeping my natural color vibrant and shiny. With the new one from Oribe, I am also in love with the packaging.

8. From podcasts to blog, there is more and more praise for home cooking, preparing meals with your friends and family. Dinner a Love Story by Jenny Rosentrach is a great source of inspirations for those who would like to join the slow food trend, learn how to organize everything from buying the right ingredients, finding easy recipes to planning your time to do all of that during the week.

9. Every girl needs a cool bracelet and summer is a great time to wear it from a day at the beach to a dinner under stars. (Laguna Cuff)

10. Black dress can be worn all year long but during the summer, there are so many opportunities to add fun accessories and show off your vacation tan. With this pleated midi from Other Stories, you just can't go wrong.

11. Dinosaurs inspired jewelry is my absolute obsession, especially when it is a smiling dinosaur necklace. (Voo Store)

12. Creative people always need to jot down their ideas, in the subway, in the park, at the restaurant and all sort of unexpected places. Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we are doing our best and this notebook is a great way to do that. (Ban.do)

Please share your inspirations from fashion, culture to music and tell me what makes you happy this summer!

7 Reasons for Choosing Short Hairstyles this Summer

Movie stars with signature short hair styles
Clockwise: Marion Cotillard, Vanessa Paradis, Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, Goldie Hawn

Short hairstyles for women have been declared in and out of style for many decades now. They have been very popular in the sixties when women were embracing their sexuality and social freedom with shorter skirts and shorter hairdos (e.g. Shirley MacLaine, Twiggy). In the nineties, short hairstyles regained their popularity thanks to actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow (I still envy the haircut she had in a great comedy "Sliding Doors") and an indie cinema icon, Winona Ryder.

During the last few years, the great revival of bob and lob styles has been very noticeable. Still, somehow only the minority of young women take the risky step to cut their hair short. Majority of the fashion magazines seduce their readers with images of women with incredibly thick and lustrous hair. Those images set up certain standard of attractiveness that we got used to looking up for generations. However, it is worth to be aware of the fact that behind those photos of women with perfect, long hair stands an army of hair stylists and colorists equipped with a state of the art hair products and devices that can turn any hair into a pretty envious mane.

For those of us with fine/thin hair, a long hair dream may be hard to achieve but there are so many reasons we should not be afraid to embrace the short hairstyle and feel great.

  • Short hairstyle can make you look unique in comparison to hundreds of clone-like long haired brunettes and blondes.

  • Short hairdo can make your morning routine fast and easy, especially during the summer.

  • Cutting your hair short can mark some important change in your life, as it can actually make you feel more self-confident and aware of your inner and outer beauty.

  • Shorter hair styles save a lot of money otherwise spent on hair care products and blow dry bars.

  • Psychologically, there is something liberating, edgy and cool about short hair. (Just look at: Lena Dunham, Emma Watson or Carey Mulligan)

  • Your face becomes more visible, so you can experiment with brave lipstick shades, edgy eye wear and finally people will notice your amazing earrings!

  • By choosing a pixie cut or short bob, you can discover something exciting about your personality, something that was not obvious when you had long hair.

If your hair, like mine, is thin/fine and blonde, short hairstyles can be so much fun and creativity. When it comes to personal styling advice, the smaller amount of product you use, the better results you achieve. I learned that the hard way. Currently, I am sticking to my routine using well-tested shampoo, a bit of conditioner just on the ends, primer to protect hair from heat, good volumizing foam that can do wonders and dry shampoo to eliminate the 2nd day hair look.

I am very curious about your opinions on short hairstyles? What would convince you to cut your hair shorter if you have always had long hair? Please share.

Magic of a Summer Hat

After reading countless articles on how to protect your skin from irrevocable sun damage, one thing became clear: when outside in the Sun, I need a perfect Summer hat. (SPF cream is too obvious to mention) I wanted to find out more about the origins of straw hats and I read that they have been around since the Middle Ages. Many centuries later, straw hats are considered to be a major fashion statement. Stylish sun hat is hard to travel with, especially if you are on a plane, which I found last month while flying to Sanibel Island, FL. After hours spent at the airport, being squeezed in my hands, hidden under the seats, my hat was never restored to its perfect, fashionable self. This week I really laughed hard reading Grace Dore's hilarious description of her experiences traveling with Panama hat to sunny destinations. (Travel Kit).

How to wear a straw hat? - Inspiration Board

If you find a great sun hat, which matches your fashion personality, on a humid day in the dusty city,  it can make you feel like you have escaped the colorful runaway of a resort collection. At the moment, I have 3 straw hats and I take every opportunity to wear them; from the day at the beach to a walk in the park; as dermatologists recommend. Hats have become a very unisex fashion statement and some of them require quite an effort to be manufactured (Check out the article on Panama hat making on Shoplatitude Blog.)

The right kind of a straw hat can be very hard to find. It is quite a challenge to find the one which fits your head perfectly and does not make you look like you have just escaped from the house on a prairie. However, life often surprises us. Few years ago, my friend and I went to the Hamptons for the weekend and we quickly discovered that staying longer on the beach would be unbearable without something to protect our heads. 7-Eleven, the least expected of all fashion destinations, came to our rescue. I had that khaki fedora for many years and it received a lot of compliments.

Summer Hats
From the Top Left
Travel Smith - Big Brim Panama Hat
Joie - Raffia Hat
Shop Latitude - Fiesta Panama Hat
J Crew - Blue Straw Hat
Matchesfashion - Kalaira Straw Hat
Eugenia Kim - Panama Hat
There are so many beautiful sun hats available out there and their prices are great, as it is Summer sale season. I have become obsessed with straw hats decorated with colorful pom-poms (e.g., Yosuzi's classic straw hat inspired by Venezuelan mythology.) Wearing a hat like that on the city streets requires some gusto but that is what Summer should be about: fun and joy!

I am really interested in your thoughts on Summer hats!