Sunday at the Movies - Carol - Mastery of Holiday Glamour

Following one of my favorite Sunday traditions in New York, this morning I have decided to wake up early and head straight to Angelika movie theater to see the movie Carol, directed by Todd Haynes. My expectations were set quite high knowing that the lead actresses are Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. On this blog, I always write about movies in the context of fashion and style and "Carol", by all means, is a feast for the eyes of any true fashion lover.

The story is set in the fifties, the decade  favoring female body and glamour. Carol's closet contains every aspect of that from wasp-like waist styles, body-con pencil skirts, lavish fur coats, ultra-feminine hats, unbelievable jewelry, sexy shoes to dresses that seem to scream to men:" I am your goddess sent from heaven." 

Carol, Dir. Todd Haynes (2015)
However, what really caught my attention from the very beginning of the movie was a perfect "coral" shade of Cate Blanchett's lipstick and hair nails. It complimented so smoothly her fair complexion and added a rejuvenating blush to her appearance. Then, I notice the re-ocuurence of "coral" throughout the movie from the title on the movie poster to accessories and jewelry.

The story takes place around the winter holidays and it may seem that coral is such a difficult color to incorporate into your winter wardrobe. However, when it was paired with muted colors like gray, camel, brown, it added a joyful glamour to otherwise conservative impeccable style of a rich New York woman in the fifties. The life of Carol is complicated on so many layers. She is living in the times in which a woman loving another woman is eternally condemned by her social class. Choosing coral seems to be her secret joyful weapon in life where her own choices usually have dire consequences. 

I do not want to reveal more about the plot of the movie, as I would like to highly recommend watching it not only to fashion fans but also to those who are just craving deep emotions and beauty when they go to the cinema. 

I could not resist creating my own contemporary "Carol's fashion capsule" to add a touch of glamour during our winter holidays, as when the weather is getting colder we all need to cheer up somehow and adding "coral" to your wardrobe will guarantee the immediate "brightening effect". 

Where do you look for your stylish holiday  fashion inspirations? Which movies are your favorite when it comes to fashion? Stay warm!

Carol's Style
Muse Lipstick, Hourglass;  Coral Blame Lacquer, Tom Ford; Coral Stole, Patrizia Pepe;
Caramel Faux Coat, Dorothy Perkins; Coral Earrings, Devon Leigh;
Wool Dress, Vielma London; Biba Pumps, Gianvito Rossi

Ida Skivenes - Food Artist Daring to Cross Over

A week ago one of my very close friends was visiting New York and we talked a lot about life, career, goals and starting the business on your own. Any time we meet, we try to motivate each other to take another step towards reaching our professional dream of being an independent she-boss. We always have been honest about the elephant in the room , "F" word (FEAR) which stops us from turning our ideas into actions. Fear can take so many forms in so many areas of life and it is very hard to ignore its super loud voice especially in times when we feel like big decisions need to be made. However, sometimes we do not have to make decisions; sometimes life just eases us into situations and events at the least expected moments. Few days ago I came across an Instagram account of Ida Skiveness and her story is such a perfect example of crossing over into doing something you love with ease but of course with a great amount of dedication involved. 

Ida Frosk

In 2014 Ida Skiveness (@idafrosk) was ranked by Fast Company magazine as one of "the most creative 100" but 2 years before she had reached that status, she was just a simple employee of the government of Norway without any creative agenda on her plate. Ida grew up on a farm in the idyllic landscape of fjords and mountains of Western Norway. Today, she lives in Berlin; her Instagram account featuring food art has 284 thousand followers and she published a book "Eat Your Art Out: Playful Breakfasts by Idafrosk" translated into seven languages.  How did it all happen so fast?

It all started with a simple idea of using everyday ingredients in a creative way and re-imagining the meal. Ida became vegetarian in 20111 and in order to make the eating process more fun, she started experimenting with colors, placement of fruit, vegetables, etc. The Instagram account created in 2012 featured cell phone taken photos of breakfast plates which make you feel like you want to be a child again and Ida would be your ideal breakfast fairy, so you would never really hate broccoli or brussels sprouts as an adult. She describes herself as not artistically talented at all and says that her talent turned out to be the ability to play with food in a creative way.  Ida has 3 ethical principles: no meat, no sweets, 100% edible ingredients and no matter how perfect her arrangements look, she always ends up eating them afterwards. 

 Ida managed to create her own unique niche starting with very simple ideas and progressing into re-creation of book covers, monuments and art works on her breakfast plates. The goal was not to copy but to reinterpret. The Instagram boosted her popularity and various journalists were asking if they can come over for breakfasts.

Ida Frosk

The transformation from anonymous food "magician" to an internet star happened almost overnight and after a year she decided to quit super safe governmental job in Norway and focus on a  creative, kitchen-based  freelancing business without any intended strategy. She and her boyfriend moved to the city she always wanted to live in, Berlin, as she was able to work from anywhere in the world. Fashion, food and travel companies were literally willing to pay her to play with food and create ads, articles and magazine covers. The assignments included ad campaign for Summer Olympics in Brazil, Lufthansa, Vogue or Stella McCartney  for Kids. 

Coming back to my initial question, how did she overcome the "F" word and why does her stuff work?
In her talk for Creative Mornings, Berlin, she said it was timing, good luck, super specialized niche, but most importantly, very visual and easily understood content that is communicated across cultural, age or any other differences. For her, what she does is a creative exercise.

As we are approaching multiple winter holidays during which meals are the core ingredient of happiness and spirit of togetherness, I thought that Ida's approach to food can change our perceptions of the merry and jolly occasions,  as instead of wasting food or preparing too much of it, we can exercise creativity and have fun with it. Our parents were telling us when we were kids that we were not allowed to play with food. Forget that advice this holiday season, play with your food and be creative. When we play and have fun, we forget about fear and if in the process there is a chance for us to become creative freelancers, cheers to that!

Ida Frosk

Ida Frosk
Ida Frosk

Ida Frosk

Ida Frosk

Fashion Guide to Minimalist Holiday Style

Here we are at the beginning of the holiday season, officially starting this Thanksgiving weekend. 
(Of course for those of the readers who live in the US). Once again we face the dilemma of a perfect holiday look that will transfer us from Friendsgiving, holiday office parties, Christmas with family to New Year's day. The multiple options can cause mental and financial vertigo in our style-obsessed heads, so here I come with some useful guidelines on minimalist holiday style. 

When I was gathering ideas on how to embrace the season of holiday parties in style, I did not want to start with too much glitter and shine. In other words, I was looking for pieces that are rather monochromatic, eternally stylish and universal. A great representative of that fashion approach is Elin Kling, one of my favorite fashion personalities, creator of fashion label Toteme. She is a poster girl for minimalist, simple and urban approach to fashion. What she wears is never dramatic, over accessorized or too colorful. However, despite the fact that she is definitely not the peacock of fashion like Anna Dello Russo, Elin is a great inspiration for many fashion magazines and bloggers around the world.

Elin Kling

Inspired by Elin Kling, I created two versions of minimalist holiday fashion capsules. The first set I freely named as "Charlotte Gainsbourg is invited to the  Thanksgiving Dinner". Classic staples as a grey cashmere cardigan, which usually goes well with almost every outfit and is also weather proof, from winter to spring, minimalist jewelry, rock & roll, but still very feminine, belt and some trendy pieces of the season, shearling sandals, classic black pants with a bit of a flare and a classic white 

Shearling Sandal, NewbarkThe Birkin Belt, Dylan KainV-neck Tshirt, Zara;
Black Scarf, RodarteSilver Cuff, Le GrammeRibbed Cardigan, Micheal Kors

The second holiday fashion set is a bit more elegant and classic and  consists of delicate jewelry: stacking rings and geometric danglers, which make every occasion more festive, midi black dress with beautiful neckline and black boho booties. 

With those two outfits you will never be overdressed and at the same time no one can deny your unique sense of style. Just remember personal style is about finding what really works best for you and what makes you happy. What I am trying to do on this blog is to inspire you and share some creative ideas, rather than force you in the direction of a specific style statement.

First Thing Dress, C/MEO CollectiveStacking Rings, Cosmic Love Patterns
Alton Earrings, MooreasealSultan Boot, Matisse
Let me know what wonderful outfits are on your mind this holiday season and what are the classic pieces you always swear for!!! Happy Thanksgiving!