November 01, 2016

Polish Fashion Brand to Watch - CONFASHION

Image source: Confashion
In the midst of pre-November slightly depressing weather, I discovered something bright and colorful, optimistic and playful, a real remedy for the fashion loving eyes, exhausted by the massive attack of grey both in the sky and on the streets. As I am officially trying to fully experience the realness of my comeback to the Polish motherland, I just found out about this Polish fashion brand, Confashion and the world became so much brighter.

The think tank behind Confashion is the designer, Kinga Krol and the brand manager Grazyna Epting. There are so many interesting emerging designers in Poland right now, however, Confashion's collection for Fall Winter 2016/2017 "Never Enough" stands out with its vibrant energy, powerful colors and something which makes it very exotic in comparison to other clothes available on the Polish fashion market. Firstly, the collection was inspired with the Japanese aesthetics, fashionable mecca for trendsetters, Tokyo neighborhood - Harajuku and Japanese traditional tattoo art (Wabori). The traditional tattoo motives derived from nature as well as the surprising ones in forms of unicorns and skulls are displayed on almost every piece of this collection from blouses, skirts to breath-takingly romantic scarves. All those elements made me dig deeper and I found out about tormented relationship between the amazing skills of the Japanese tattoo artists developed through centuries in Japan and the fact that tattoos as such are not exactly socially acceptable there, especially in public places, corporations, etc. Reasons for that are as different as surprising, from considering them ugly (how is that possible?) to associating them with Japanese organized crime organization, yakuza.

It is such a relief that contemporary fashion allows to honor even the forbidden art. As anyone too afraid to mark their body permanently can enjoy beautiful clothes tattooed to their best. I love the fact that there is so much pink in this collection: the oversized, yet so beautifully body-wrapping coat, pleated skirts in light pink reminding us that we can wear clothes associated with summer even in the darkest months of winter; blouses with geometric and floral patterns. I love how playfully innovative is that one sleeve is so visually different from another.

Influences from Harajuku, Japanese trends associated with it from kawaii, cosplay to even a bit of gothic lolita style are present in those clothes but in a very adult and subtle way. Not every fashion lover is ready to be a part of Sunday tradition of the biggest Tokyo's street fashion show on display every Sunday on the Jingu bridge. Some of us, more tamed Japan culture lovers,  appreciate the light motives, subtle cuts and references that are so present in latest Confashion's collection. The other big winter hit for FW1617 is a camel jacket, a universal color of fashion icons, yet with the modern touch, slightly oversized, looking so good with vibrant scarves and colorful dresses. There are so many colors and patterns in Confashion's offer but when worn correctly, they are good even in the more formal environment. 

I love the  mission statement on the company's website: Clothes do not create personality but they emphasize it; they communicate the message of who we are and who we want to become. They become our visual identification; most importantly, they are tools for self-expression and communication. Confashion's collections always have deep cultural references; in the past it was Polish folklore or Braille alphabet. They are made from high quality environmentally friendly fabrics and they are so innovative! Check Confashion out immediately and let me know what you think! Stay stylish!

Image source: Confashion

Image source: Confashion

Image source: Confashion

Image source: Confashion


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