January 04, 2019

Best of 2018

The first week of the new year seems to be the perfect moment to summarize the best cultural and lifestyle discoveries of mine in 2018. My list is very subjective and personal, but I hope it will at least inspire you to discover something new, something good and something that you might have otherwise missed. I have watched far too many TV series on all available VOD platforms. I did not read enough books which I am trying to make up for in 2019. I visited some fantastic places and met many creative people. All in all, this was another year of mysteries, surprises, and life lessons.

Bande Noir is a living proof that New York City is still a place where modern fashion thrives. I immediately fell in love with its minimalist, urban view on clothes, which I would like to wear 24/7 in 2019.

It is tough for me to decide which book is my favorite read of 2018. However, Gail Honeyman is one of those new writer's whose career I really want to follow. I cannot wait to see how Reese Witherspoon will present her book on a big screen. Fingers crossed for Honeyman's second novel to be as successful as the first one.

Jane Fonda continues to inspire me with everything she does. This time she proved that you can look sexy, elegant and feminine in a suit regardless of your age. Lady in Red, continue your career as an actress, women's rights activist and a great person!

I have to admit I look for fashion inspirations in everything I watch on a big or small screen. However, rarely do I find as many envy-provoking outfits like the ones that Kate Blanchett was wearing in OCEAN 8. Somebody, please make a capsule collection of her looks, and I will worship it forever!

There were many TV shows I liked last year, so having to choose one was quite a challenge. Succession ticked all the boxes. It is set in New York City; the characters are all despicable, thus interesting and the acting is top notch. I can't wait for the second season!

When it comes to movies, 2018 did not have too much in store for me. My first choice was Call me by your name. However, I could not forget about my reaction after watching Summer 1993. It made me cry; it placed a smile on my face and reminded me about the freedom and innocence of early childhood. It made me think and feel, and those are the two most important factors that I use for grading movies.

My favorite fashion blog that I discovered quite recently is F*** It, I am going to New York!
I am in awe of Michaela Babuskova's personal style and the way she praises minimalism both in her closet and her house. My new fashion icon! 

Finally, I decided to include a mix of cultural inspirations that made 2018 so much more colorful!

Favorite new podcast: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. I am a fan of Dax since I first saw him in one of my favorite family TV dramas of the last few years, Parenthood. He is smart, funny and invites just the right people to talk about almost everything that matters in life in the privacy of his attic.

Favorite new movie streaming website: MUBI. It is a perfect place for those who no longer can find anything interesting on NETFLIX or Amazon Prime; those who like watching independent cinema from all over the world; those who cannot attend movie festivals but appreciate finding new interesting directors and finally, for those who love classics unavailable on any other streaming platforms.

Favorite new album: Caer from Twin Shadow I first listened to "Brace" thanks to Busy Phillip's music recommendations and I played this song for maybe hundreds of times since then. My absolute favorite tune of last year.

I don't know about you but for me looking back at what I liked in the last 12 months made me realize the spectacular amount of culture I consumed in 2018 and appreciate it even more. This year was exciting on so many levels, and I am sure it will result in even more stylish, beautiful and hopefully inspiring articles on this blog.
Happy 2019 to all my readers!

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