Marella Agnelli - Italian Style Icon

Monday, November 17, 2014

Truman Capote called her "European Swan Numero Uno" adding her to his favorite group of rich and fabulous American female friends such as C.Z. Guest or Babe Paley. In her early twenties, when she was living in New York, she worked as a model and sometimes camera assistant with such famous photographers as Robert Doisneau and Richard Avedon. With her aristocratic background, friends like Kennedy's and the richest man in Italy as her husband, she could be another spoiled socialite. Instead she always valued great art, architecture and interior design, which we can study in deep thanks to the new book The Last Swan

On the Vogue's International Best Dressed list in 1963, Marella knew how to make simplicity work to her best.She loved her simple cashmere sweaters paired with simple poplin pants but always in best fit, the best cotton, the best cashmere. In a way untypical for a woman of her fortune in her times, she has never been passionate for elaborate richness of style or jewelry. I think her attitude to fashion was very modern, as she felt very comfortable in sport outfits: slacks, sweaters and scarves. If you are in a mood to be dressed "Italian Style" this winter, see my suggestions below.

If you need more inspirations, please watch the movie I am love with my forever favorite Tilda Swindon. 

Arrivederci Fashionistas!

Marella Agnelli

Marella Agnelli

Marella Agnelli - Italian Style Icon

Global Fashion Inspirations

Friday, November 14, 2014

With social media taking world by storm, fashion is becoming a truly international affair. Thanks to the internet, our life changing style inspirations are not only derived from Paris, London, Milan and New York but Africa, all parts of Europe and even Tibet. With one click, you can score a beautiful, unique piece that was made by an artisan somewhere in a remote country and at the same time you support local craftsmanship.

I have noticed in last few years that fashion world has been fascinated with tribal and native elements in accessories and clothes. Recently, I came across the amazing photo shoot that took place in Iceland photographed by Andreas Ortner and stylized by Petra Wiebelast in the current issue of Ultratravel Magazine. The beauty of it inspired me to search for unique and artisan fashion from places in the world where people make amazing things but it is hard for them to promote their craft locally so the internet offers them unique opportunity to show their products.

Source: Ultratravel U.S

1. Fantazia Print Silk Twill Scarf - Boticca

2. Anisa Full Circle Skirt - Kisua

3. Opal Cocktail Ring - Novica

Medici Boho Bag from Style-Heaven

This time I wanted to share  some accessories and clothes that I found on the websites from all over the world that are known for promoting such values as local craftsmanship and sustainability and unknown designers from even the most remote corners of the world.

I particularly love the Medici Bag from Style-Heaven, featured in the photo shoot, that is made from vintage materials and has great modern boho look.

If you are looking for stylish and unique dresses and skirts, Kisua  is a great online shop offering African fashion, where I found the amazing skirt inspired by the traditional South African Tsonga.

Unique, beautifully colorful, silk scarf with rabbit inspired by Albrecht Durer's paintings from Bottica, one of my favorite sources of accessories from global independent fashion designers, cannot be compared to anything you see in stores,

Novica, website promoting ethical fashion, home design and art in association with National Geographic is a fantastic destination for unique Christmas gifts. Opal cocktail rings by Maricarmen, are just one of many beautifully hand-crafted objects that would be hard to find if the internet was not on our side.

All the stores that I have mentioned ship worldwide.

Maybe during this winter season, instead of visiting your typical Christmas gift destinations, you could try to discover more exotic places online. Not only will you support local artisans and designers but also, I can guarantee, your nearest and dearest will be delighted with their one of a kind surprises.

Please , share your finds!

3 Essential Accessories You Need this Winter

Monday, November 3, 2014

It has been pretty windy and wet last few days in New York. I decided to focus my inspiration research on three essential accessories that will transport us in style through winter months: gloves, scarves and warm and fuzzy bags. Accessories for winter 2014 being made from natural fiber: wool, alpaca, animal fur, can be both very cold-proof and chic.

It is a great opportunity for me to show my adoration for Portland, OR based Primecut. Their bags are truly individual and their materials are sourced both locally and internationally. I particularly like Tan Nuby Purse, which is truly European in terms of the leather it was made from and it will match both boho leather jacket and classic wool coat perfectly. It could be great for winter nights out and those moments when we do not want to carry all our office in a bag. Remember, bags this season are all in small and compact sizes.

Thanks to Modfarm's Instagram's account, I discovered custom-made mittens, which made me dream about winter wonderland and long walks in the snow. (See my Ebay discoveries as well, to see varieties).

Last but not least, are tartan scarves that I have been obsessed with for a long time. This season they are coming back in even more cozy (angora, cashmere blends) and significantly more oversized form.
If you like them in regular size, British luxury brand Barbour has beautiful collection out.

Let me know what you are buying this season to keep cold at bay.
Stay stylish and warm!

Wool Mittens

Fur Purses

Tartan Scarves
1. Oversized Grey Square Scarf

2. Oversized Black Checked Scarf - Asos

3. Barbour Lambswool Scarf
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