March 01, 2018

Perfect Clothes for a Spring Chameleon

In the vast jungle of fashion so many designers are famous for their use of colors, love of excess and nostalgia for the eighties. However, Roberta Einer, Estonian fashion designer, who worked for such big names as Alexander Mcqueen, Mary Katrantzou, and Balmain, was able to create a unique, vibrant niche of her own. Her fascination with the Western pop culture and Soviet interpretation of it is present in her designs projecting happiness; as if she wanted the potential buyer to smile when reading the graphics on her parkas. 

Fashion should also be about fun, not only about catching up with the upcoming trends. As winter this week was pretty brutal in Poland, I was looking for a vibrant and approachable collection that can inspire my spring wardrobe, and that is how I found Einer's brand. I loved the sequins, embroidery, and richness of colors. But don't be fooled by the easiness of Roberta Einer's fashion. There is a lot of depth about it too; just look at the messages: "No unlocals," "Love is a lie". She is also a designer having something important to say.  During one of her fashion shows, she asked models to write on plates what bothered them the most in everyday life. What followed were messages of  ‘fuck homophobia,’ ‘lack of empathy’ and ‘inequality,’ and finally, plates smashed against the wall. You don't have to be a disco queen to find something for yourself among those clothes. There are also romantic pastels, botanical elements, brave cuts and minimal pieces like the over-sized white shirt dress with beautiful touches of decorative paint. 

She called her last collection "couture for 20-year olds". I would say those clothes are for women who not only want to dress in colorful modern clothes but aspire to be the change in the world. 


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