January 19, 2017

Weekly Instagram Finds - Australia

Instagram Finds from Australia
Chair / Painting Sweater
Necklace / Pillow

 January in Poland seems to create perfect conditions for natural need of hibernation and vivid dreams about lush green destinations, full of colors and beach life. As my local surroundings are mostly in very neutral tones of white, grey and black, I very often escape into a splashy and joyful world of Instagram  and naturally one of my very favorite destination is Australia, happily enjoying Summer at this very moment. All my readers know how much I adore Australian fashion, design, art, interior design, etc. This post starts a weekly series of my favorite Instagram finds from all over the world. If your world like mine at the moment is a bit too black and white, you came to the right place as after reading this article your creativity will explode with thousands of bright firework-like ideas!

First, I could not find a more suited painting explaining my current state of mind. "Walk into a bar and one person turns to look at you; they've been sitting there all day or all night, can't tell, no sense of time in here …" is a perfect description of the series of paintings by the Australian artist Stephen Baker. He spends time in cafes and bars observing how interiors and people interact and influence each other. There is so much nostalgia in his art, which is such a winter emotion. I would love to have this painting just above my desk, reminding me of all the beautiful shades of blue.

Pampa is a decor brand focusing on preserving the handweaving heritage of Argentina. Only they offer such beautiful and soft pillows that I honestly cannot think of leaving my couch for the entire weekend. Ethically made, fairly traded are the words so close to my heart and to Pampa's creative vision. 

Since I came back from New York, a perfect chair is on the top of my interior decor wishlist. Having a hanging chair in the middle of the living room, will always make me feel like being in a villa in the middle of the tropical forest. I wish Australia was closer so I could afford the shipping!!! Byron Bay Hanging Chairs just got everything right about their designs. Despite the fact that their inspiration are the furnishings of the sixties and seventies, the chairs look so modern. One can only dream how would that be sitting with a latte, perfect book and a blanket in this chair immediately bringing Summer thoughts in my mind.

When I first look at the designs from Oskar the Label, I thought: "That definitely must be a New York-based brand!" Simplicity of the cuts, lightness and muted color tones." To my surprise, it is an Australian company! There is one staple that I always have with me, whenever I travel and that is a perfect cashmere sweater. The one from Oskar the Label is the epitome of my dream sweater! Delicate, light and feminine. Such cool fashion choices for women loving urban chic!

Finally, The Undone, a dream destination for a sworn minimalist like me. Sara Donaldson and Georgia Martin are two masterminds behind this online fashion haven, where everything is meticulously curated, simple yet fashionable: like the necklace I found that would go well with so many outfits. 

Thank you Australian creative souls for making my week so much more exciting! Until next time!


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