October 19, 2016

Two for the Road - Delight Not Only for Fashion Lovers

Wardrobe inspired by the movie Two for the Road, 1968
Red Turtleneck, Allude / Jeans, Acne
Belt, Vero Moda / Suitcase, Diane Von Furstenberg
Every good actor gets at least one chance in their career to show their true mastership and the maturity they developed during years of making wrong and right choices both in the professional and personal life. In my opinion, Stanley Donen's 1967 movie "Two for the Road" offered that chance to Audrey Hepburn. When I first watched this movie few years ago, I quickly assumed it was quite a boring road trip of a story with amazing visual fashion delights from Mary Quant and Paco Rabanne on the most perfect cinematic model ever, Hepburn. 

Some time passed and I gained a broader view of romantic relationships, deeper disappointment with the rom-com genre and a huge appreciation of a great dialogue in the movie and I fully appreciate the bitter-sweet story of 12 tumultuous years of a relationship between Joanna and Mark Wallace. I do not think any Hollywood movie of the sixties, stamped with a "romantic comedy" label was so brutally honest in the subject of "living happily ever after". 

Stanley Donen was innovative and brave enough to show what happens when the pink glasses fell of the lovers' noses and the reality gets grey even when you spend your vacations in the most beautiful parts of Italy and France. There is a lot of time and road travel in this movie, flashbacks, moments of joy and grief and betrayal. Although the clothes and the vistas are glamorous, the reality of when a "women loves a man" scenario makes you feel like you want to punch Him on the face and tell Her to send him to hell so many times when you watch this movie. 

Audrey here is capable of using her life experiences to show a variety of human emotions which she did not portray in characters like Holly Golightly. She even curses, which is so not Audrey! One of my favorite quotes from the movie is the following sentence from Joanna: 

"-What people have rows about?
 -Money, sex.
 Sex, money. He wants, she does not want.
 She wants, he does not want."

Fashion in this movie is legendary and so timeless. I was watching it thinking that I would wear almost everything that Joanna was wearing, therefore I decided to recreate 3 of my most favorite looks from Two for the Road, and believe I will try to wear them before 2016 is over.
If you are tired of sugar-loaded Hollywood romantic comedies and hungry for refreshing fashion inspirations, try this one and I am sure you won't be disappointed.

P.S. Stanley Donen's first choice for the role of Mark was Paul Newman but unfortunately he declined it. I would never punch him in the face...

Wardrobe inspired by the movie Two for the Road, 1968
Moto Jacket, G-Star Blouse, Jade24 / Leather Pants, Helmut Lang

Wardrobe inspired by the movie Two for the Road, 1968
Gold Vintage Dress, 1st DibbsGlittered Pumps, Marc Jacobs
Gold Circle Earrings, Herve Van Der Straeten


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