Monday, May 16, 2016

May Inspirations to Remind You that Summer is Just Around the Corner

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"Summer is finally here.
 Time to kick back and relax.
 Winter blues is old news.
 Nostalgia is in the air,
 Misbehaving clouds of gray." 

Nothing puts me in the summer party mood more than Summertime, remix ft. Aaron London. Finding music that really makes your soul and body happy has never been easier than now, thanks to amazing apps like Noon Pacific, which offers you 10 new songs each week. You could say there are many apps like this, but you are so wrong. The weekly mixtape is created based on the selection of songs from the best music blogs, so there is a high chance you will find at least one song a week that otherwise would never be known to you, a real treat for those who are always on the mission to discover new artists. 

For those of us who are currently in the "show hole" (Yes, Amazon commercial, I love that term meaning depression, which you acquire after your favorite show has ended.), I highly recommend British series Grantchester. A handsome vicar is living life on the verge of sin, and maybe because of that, he is closer to his fellow-sinners (parishioners), more than any other priest ever depicted in the history of the television. He loves listening to jazz records, drinks whiskey, smokes, is in love with his best-friend, who is married, and in his free time enjoys solving crimes with the local police officer. Do I need to convince you more? 

Brooklyn is my favorite neighborhood in New York. I lived in many corners of this spacious borough, and I could not be happier when I found out that there is a book devoted to the creative spirits of Brooklyn, their favorite places, and activities. Check out "Meet the Regulars" by Joshua D. Fischer. Even if you do not live in NYC, next time you visit, you will know that the real deal about this city starts outside the brinks of Manhattan Isle. 

I love illustrators and illustrations, and this time I would like to introduce you to work of Yelena Bryksenkova. Her Barbarella (see above) brings back in mind the spirit of girl power and girl glamor! That kind of print above the work desk would be a good reminder: Girl You Rock!!! There are so many of us who need that from time to time. 

Finally, as travel and vacation season is just around the corner, and I am on the mission to find a spacious bag, which would be simple, light and classic at the same time. This Zara Boho shopper bag with colorful tassels seems to be a perfect choice.

Even in cold New York weather, it is so much easier to dream about Summer with the right music, movies, books and art!!! Please share your May inspirations with me!


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