February 16, 2017

February Inspirations - Stripes and Colors

Skirt, Vivetta / Bag, Sophia Webster / Love-Kerchief, A Vida Portuguesa
Necklace, Go Jane / Shoes, Dolce &Gabbana

This winter I have been complaining about the weather more than ever. Welcome to Poland!:) However, it pushed me more to look for inspiring places, clothes, books and travel destinations to make the gray outside disappear and make my inside bright! February is super busy for me, so please accept my apologies from being missing more than ever from Stylecharmer. I might be a bit inactive when it comes to writing, but I am collecting ideas and leads for the future stories.

In the meantime, I decided to show up a little with my bright and colorful inspirations for Spring. As I am planning a very exciting trip to Lisbon soon,  I have started thinking about outfits for warmer weather and long walks on the cobbled narrow streets of this magical city. After all the darkness of winter, I cannot escape the temptation to be mesmerized with profound and contrasting color combinations, for example, stripes which are outside of your typical "sailor" inspired box. My February inspiration, intended for the trip in April is flavored with Italian, Portuguese and South American influences. I am so missing beautiful Summer skirts, bags which scream "I want to vacation in Columbia!", shoes, which bring back the aesthetics of Almodovar's movies and finally necklaces which you just want to wear with embroidered white peasant blouses to the office while dreaming about paradise beaches during your lunch break! Finally, who can resist the inherent beauty of the love-kerchief handmade in Portugal!!! 

The only message that makes me survive the most brutal month of winter is that there will be lots of inspiring travels on the horizon soon, with sunny mornings, beautiful fashion choices and pleasant warm breeze!!! Those are my wishes to all of you winter-survivors!!!


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