April 05, 2017


Kimono 2017

Certain fashion trends catch up with me so fast. Immediately after reading about them, I spend endless hours online to find a perfect version of this ruffle blouse, a pair of embroidered jeans or a midi pleated pastel skirt. Kimonos were not my fashion love at first sight. Two years ago I bought a beach version of it in luscious green with a tropical flower pattern and somehow, I ended up wearing it only during my vacation in the Florida Keys.

However, last Friday when all the streets of Warsaw finally got spoiled with warm weather and abundant sunshine,  I saw this girl wearing a kimono in such a way that it mesmerized me. The kimono was like her second skin. She looked so effortless, chic and bohemian, with a black tank top underneath, boyfriend jeans and some sneakers. The magic was in the fact that kimono was long and looked like a more formal version of a bathrobe Japanese Geisha-style. 

Needless to say, I spent a few evenings searching and researching the topic of kimonos online. I was looking for a mid-length super light kimono that could be worn in the city. As I am thinking more and more about my summer trips, I like the functional aspects of kimono as well. It takes almost no place in the luggage, not like jackets and sweaters. There is also this extra special element to it, it adds so much character to any outfit, as when I see someone on the street wearing it with right accessories, I cannot resist admiring it. I wonder which of the kimonos I found is your favorite?

Kimono, Anthropology
Kimono, Her Empire

Kimono, Arnhem

Kimono, Free People

Kimono, Louise Coleman


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  1. my Okinawan friend Elaine Gima, handpaints timeless, staggeringly beautiful silk kimono inspired garments. the timelessness of this form, even adopted by we who quilt, is the most enticing part



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