April 09, 2017

Which weekend bag suits you best?

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One of my favorite online fashion destinations FARFETCH has recently launched a digital magazine called "THE STYLE GUIDE." It is a pure delight for all fashion addicts like me loving to read about trends, influencers, subcultures, fashion icons and much more fashion-oriented topics. As most of the traditional magazines are moving online and having their digital popularity peak at the moment, it is a destination for fashion retailers to feed their clients with much more than just beautiful clothes. 

When I was browsing through articles from The Style Guide, there was one, which particularly caught my attention: "Your Guide to The Best Women's Weekend Bags." I am a big devotee of "How to blog" posts, as you may know from reading this blog. However, the topic of packing fashionably and comfortably comes back to me anytime I travel. Comfort over style? To travel light or heavy but be assured I have all I need? Weekender bags over carry-on suitcases? Those are the questions that are very skillfully answered in the guide mentioned above.

The choice of weekend bags depends on so many factors. Therefore I decided to create my personal list of reasons justifying the right travel handbag for each occasion.
If you are driving, there is nothing more stylish and convenient than a great weekender that you can just toss in the trunk. If it is made of leather, it will serve you for years, and it is a great cost per wear investment. I love weekenders intended for men, as in this day and age who cares about gender-specific items in the world of fashion and there is something so universally classic about them that they never go out of style.
For a day at a beach or a staycation, the oversized tote will get you everywhere. It may look like your daily bag, but you can store the entire universe in it if you need to do so. Just remember, if you plan on sightseeing while carrying it, it may get heavy (personal experience!)

It is almost impossible to imagine modern travel without a backpack, no longer associated with school excursions or camping, they are the new "it" bag.

Finally, if you are flying and the flight includes a transfer, no bag can be a better friend of yours than a lightweight carry-on. As large suitcases are dragged around and can get worn out quickly and for that reason usually have boringly color and generic design, a carry-on, with little wheels, may be as beautiful as it gets and you carry it around gently and respectfully. Carry-on is a way to express your fashion personality when you fly, so next time you travel, be sure to follow your fashion desires and pick the right one!

If you are still not confident which bag to take for your weekend adventure, check out the Style Guide; and all your questions will be answers! 

2. The over-sized tote bag

3. Modern backpack

Backpack, Stella McCartney

4. Mini suitcase


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  1. First one looks awesome as I always love to use a Black color bag or backpack.



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