June 16, 2017

My Summer Essentials

Let's face it; I have never really been a fashion minimalist. I open my closets, and I see an overwhelming number of things that somehow do not agree with my current style and state of my mind. As everything changes and evolves, so does my sense of personal style and the approach to new trends. This summer, I have a new resolution: I want to stick to a few essentials that have the potential of not going out of style in a while. The second requirement considered in my buying process will be: Will wearing this thing make me happy? Out of this need, I created the following list of essentials, which I hope will inspire you to follow your path towards fashion minimalism this summer.

I have been spending more time in Warsaw in the last few months and I naturally I became much more aware of newly emerging Polish fashion brands. JUNGMOB is one of them. As Polish climate is pretty capricious, even in July and August, you better make sure you have some long-sleeve jacket packed for those cool summer evenings. Botanica Rain Jacket seems such a perfect choice for me. It is Lusciously green with floral elements, and I have a feeling it will become my favorite vacation parka.

Summer is a busy time for me and this year I have a lot of short-term trips planned. Number one thing for me is a comfortable, good-looking and spacious travel bag. Not an easy choice as I don't like my weekenders to be too ostentatious and excessively expensive. There is something endearingly seductive for me in a great looking sturdy, manly duffel made of leather.  They were looking beautiful when I had them on my arm heading towards the airport. However, 20 minutes later I felt how heavy it was on my arm, and the whole charm disappeared. The other factor was they were ridiculously overpriced. I have searched for a bag like this for a long time, in the meantime, I made a few wrong choices. until I found Mahi Leather! Their bags are made to order in one business day! (What wonderful times we are living in!)  They are affordable as no middle-man is involved and on top of all, $1.50 from each purchase is donated to Frank Water charity helping people to get access to clean water. I am pretty sure I will take Mahi's classic duffle to all my weekend trips this summer.

Next, a funny fact: I have never got my ears pierced, but I sure appreciate beautiful earrings. I know one day, I will do it,; I just still don't know when. Nevertheless, I collect earrings that call my name. Those designed by Magdalena Rozylo, using the traditional technique of soutache embroidery, are my number one choice for a perfect island getaway. The playful colors, little pom poms and the aura of "Carmen Miranda does 2017" make them irresistible.

Finally, there are two gadgets they I completely cannot survive without in the summertime. A super comfortable yet head-turning pair of shoes and sunglasses from Alice and Olivia that I wear every day when the sun is out. Tropical elements are a must for me this summer. What I am planning for the next three months is more a staycation than the real vacation. But who said I need to wear boring clothes while having a summer in the city? My sunglasses will be dreamy like watermelons in thirst-satisfying drinks of my favorite Greenpoint cocktail bar,  RAMONA. My shoes will have hand-painted toucans on them, so they cannot be mistaken with any boring espadrilles from this season's fast fashion offer! I will make my city life resemble the tropical jungle as much as my imagination allows for it! Stay stylishly wild this summer! 


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