August 13, 2017

August Inspirations

I haven't written anything new for a long time, and I want to apologize for that without making too many excuses. Life takes us in unexpected directions and sometimes we cannot devote as much time to our creative passions as we would love.  
I am on vacation now, and I will be trying to share as much as I can about my interests, travels, and fashion obsessions during that time. As August has only begun, I would like to mention a few little things that made my Summer more fun.

Some elements perfectly complement any vacation. Even if it rains or when some place we have always wanted to visit turns out to be just about average, some things never fail. Below some of my favorite August inspirations.

I discovered FISMOLL on the soundtrack of one of my favorite Polish rom-com movies "Facet (nie)potrzebny od zaraz" (Man (not) wanted immediately). First, I could not believe the vocalist wasn't American. Although he is Polish, the way he sings in English sounds perfect. The voice and lyrics are soothing and otherworldly! Check him out!

I first read about "Priestdaddy" in The Guardian when I was killing my time at the Heathrow Airport. Some voice inside my head told me to write that title down. Two months later, I got that book from my New York friend. It was an instant revelation. Patricia Lockwood's craftsmanship with words and characters' descriptions is so refreshing, intriguing and addictive. I could not put that book down and not because it was scandalous as the title could suggest; it was just linguistically enchanting. I don't think I have ever read anything from a  new author with such an amazing ability to turn words into live objects in my imagination.

I rarely commute to work without listening to some Podcast on my phone. Lately, I stumbled upon a podcast from 1/2 of a perfect acting duo from the super hilarious tv show  "Broadcity," Abby Jacobson. As an art school graduate, she knows how to mix her enthusiasm and knowledge of art and make it attractive also to those whose life priority is not a membership at MOMA. 

I'm easy when it comes to fashion choices this summer. First, I never get bored finding a new next favorite pair of sunglasses. This time my choice has a mix of crazy 60s vixen charm. When it comes to late summer fashion, I am all into a Victorian hippie extravaganza: dark florals, high necklines, and puffy sleeves. My new favorite blouse is Millie Mackintosh's, Farley Blouse. All her collection is something I could wear from day to night. I wish all celebrities-turned-fashion designers had such a surprising sense of taste.

To finish with something meaningful and practical, I found a "Bloody difficult woman" mug, perfect selection not only for those who know Theresa May's story behind but for all of us women out there with strong opinions and big hearts. Take it as a compliment, sisters! Cheers to beautiful August!


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