March 09, 2017


Finally, I surrendered to the attack of seasonal flu. For a week I have been fighting it really hard, trying not to miss a day of work. However, today I am in bed, surrounded by a pile of half-read magazines and books, with teary eyes, lots of tissues and cough medicines on my nightstand. I have been trying to write a blog post on my fascination with exotic themes in fashion, books, interiors for at least a month and after all delays, it is finally here.

The last moments of winter make me dream about "getting away," warm weather, colors and exciting trips. Just not to be where I am in the place with never-ending rain, dropping temperatures and nothing green on the horizon. That is why this month's inspiration is all devoted to exotic, warm motives and brightness that only island escapes can bring. In case, you are not traveling anywhere in next few hours, and you need to escape the grayness of the beginning of March or pre-Spring energy deficit, follow me.

I found this picture of Nicole Kidman in one of the last editions of EDIT. It is so 1930's, glam Hollywood inspired. It brought back memories of Slim Aarons pictures of the vacations of the rich as well as made me crave a perfect summer shirt. It also reminded me about my fascination with Hemingway, his life, love of the ocean and the fact that I never finished Naomi Wood's book "Mrs. Hemingway" telling the story of 4 Hemingway's wives. This is fiction, however, based on real-life letters and memories. Haunting as it is beautiful, perfect for times like this when I am stuck in bed with a running nose.

Sometimes, all you need to feel like you travel somewhere distant and breath-taking is a  perfect summer hat. This time, I opted for a modern combination of leather and straw. Then, just add a tropical necklace and an off-shoulder dress. Don't forget! Pom-poms are absolutely necessary!!

To bring some feel of a jungle beat into our interiors, find a perfect cushion, palm-trees pattern much desired; vibrant wallpaper: flamingos will always bring back a chic Palm Beach decor and a tropics-inspired piece of art to hang on the walls. It may take some time to develop your own take on coastal decor but trust me, waking up in a place resembling exotic hotel can make every morning so much better. 

Being sick with a  headache is a nuisance, but I try to think about it as a gentle reminder that my body is telling me to slow down and just enjoy the moment of being able to read a book if only the headache allows:) 
Stay healthy and let me know which exotic motives are your favorite!


February 16, 2017

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